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Thyme Care offers a lifeline to people with cancer

AmeriHealth member Herman Bhasin celebrated a milestone in her treatment for breast cancer. Herman received support from Thyme Care, a personalized cancer care service, during her treatment.

When our team first met Herman Bhasin, she was enjoying an afternoon in her backyard. She credits the outdoors as one of the places she goes to cure a bad mood: “When I’m sad, I take a walk.” She added that she’s usually accompanied by her dog, Toffee, on these walks.

Animals and nature were just a few of the things that helped Herman through the past year, as she faced a breast cancer diagnosis.

A life-changing diagnosis

As a generally healthy person, she rarely had to visit the doctor. In September 2022, that changed. “I was late for my annual mammogram when I felt a lump on my right breast. I didn’t think much of it, but I saw my primary care provider (PCP), and after some testing, they diagnosed me with stage 3 breast cancer. It was spreading quickly, so I began chemotherapy and later had a double mastectomy.”

Despite the risk of the cancer returning, Herman remains confident that her caregivers and oncologists have given her the resources she needs to cope. One of those resources is Thyme Care.

Support with Thyme Care

As an AmeriHealth member, Herman was able to access Thyme Care, which provides members with a specialized Care Team to guide them through their cancer journey. During her treatment, she became close with her Care Partner, Inti. “It was like a friendship. It was so nice to have somebody to talk to,” she told us.

“Thyme Care has been great. I think the biggest thing in cancer is support. All you need is somebody who cares for you and understands your situation.”

It’s no surprise that Herman appreciates meaningful human interactions, with her background in hotel and restaurant management. She owns Coriander, an Indian bistro in New Jersey, with her husband, who is a chef.

She’s also passionate about dance, from classic Indian dance, to ballroom dancing, to salsa. “I believe activities like dancing and yoga are good for all of us. As you age and life gets busy, you have to stop and think about how to prioritize the things you love to do.”

Maintaining a positive outlook

Staying true to her passions has given Herman a positive outlook on life as she looks forward to the next part of her journey.

“Now that my kids are out of the house, I’m hoping to start traveling a lot more. I’d love to find girlfriends to travel the world with. I also enjoy volunteering at animal rescues and as an ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor locally.”

She offered reassuring words to those who may be facing a similar situation:“Don’t be scared. I was so used to taking care of my family, it was nice to have people take care of me. Throughout each stage of my treatment, Thyme Care was there for me.”

Herman’s Care Partner Inti says she always made sure to be the one from her team to call Herman during this process, because she felt “so motivated and empowered” after every phone call.

Herman has that effect on people, ending our conversation with a quote on the resiliency of women.

“As women, we have undergone so much. We are the primary caregivers of our family. We have the power to conquer what is within us. “

Eligible AmeriHealth members can learn more and sign up for personalized cancer care on Thyme Care’s website, or by calling or texting their Care Team at 1-201-526-8484.

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